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December 12, 2013

Office Suite for iPad on Sale Through Christmas

Now through December 25, 2013 Office Suite for iPad is on sale for just $.99 (regularly priced at $9.99).

I really like the Apple iWorks suite. If you live in the “Apple Ecosystem” (that is, you use only Apple products like the iPhone/iPad/Mac), the iWorks suite works really well. But if you use an iPhone/iPad and a PC, or if you frequently have to share word processing documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with clients or coworkers who use Microsoft Office, then you will sometimes encounter some “quirks” in converting documents between Office and iWorks.

Office Suite appears to be designed to handle Microsoft Office formats. If it does it well, it would be a great option for those times when you need to work on Office documents on your iPhone/iPad.

I haven’t evaluated this suite yet, but I will early next year. In the meantime,  I’m thinking that it’s worth a $.99 investment as a “defensive move.”  If it turns out to be great, you’ve saved $9. If it turns out to be not so great, well… you’ve lost less than a dollar. So my suggestion is to head on over to:

and buy it.

I plan to review it early next year, so be sure to check back!

And hey, if you’ve had a chance to play with it, be sure to leave a comment with your impressions!

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