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January 9, 2014

Gmail Search

I recently wanted to find an email from several years ago. I remembered it was forwarded by my wife, and I distinctly remembered that we were at the Odyssey of the Mind 2012 World finals when she sent it to me.

A quick Google search told me the dates of the World Finals that year. It was then an easy matter of searching emails from her in that date range:

from:<her address> after:2012/5/23 before:2012/5/26

And voilà.

It took less than two minutes to find an email from 2 years ago with only limited knowledge of what it contained.

Pretty cool, huh?

Gmail’s awesome search capabilities is only one reason that I use it and recommend Google Apps for Business to my business clients.  Want to know more? Check out my Technology Tuneup package and set up a free, no-obligation Get Acquainted Call so that we can discuss your technology needs and see if my coaching is right for you.

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