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November 24, 2013

Should You Learn from Vanderbilt?

Last night, Vanderbilt came from behind to beat Tennessee 14-10. Taking possession on their own 8 yard line with less than 5 minutes remaining, Vandy engineered a 92 yard drive, scoring with just 16 seconds remaining.

As I pondered this game, I realized how much the Vanderbilt football program has changed in the last few years. Vandy used to be a perennial loser. At times it seemed Vandy fans took pride in having poor football teams, claiming that good academic institutions can’t be competitive in football. In those days, the team wouldn’t have put together that final drive. They’d probably have fumbled and given up another touchdown. Or if they scored, they’ve had given up a touchdown in those final 16 seconds.

So what changed? Three years ago, Vandy hired James Franklin as their new football coach. And they’ve become bowl eligible every year since. Franklin is obviously teaching his players good football skills. But just as important, he’s brought a new attitude. He’s taught his players to believe in themselves. He’s even conducted an effective social media campaign using the Twitter hashtag #anchordown. His goal? To get others to believe, too.

So what does this have to do with business and technology? I see so many people who remind me of the Vanderbilt of old. They struggle with their business. Sometimes they struggle with their technology, or they just don’t use it efficiently. Some describe themselves as “technophobes” or claim to be “Technologically challenged.” Others know they have the ability, but are just too busy to try to figure it all out.

The truth is, all most of these people need is just a good coach. Someone to teach them the skills they’re missing. Someone to simplify the game for them. Someone to help them believe. Someone to help them succeed.

Are you one of these people? If so, why not learn from Vanderbilt, hire a good coach, and start succeeding.

In other words: Stop Struggling, and Start Succeeding. #anchordown

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