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Terms and Conditions

This page provides an overview of the various terms of service that you agree to and should be aware of when you use the RV Business Coach website and newsletter.


I try to answer as many questions as I can, but due to the volume of questions and comments I receive, I may not be able to answer them all on the public site. (Note that my coaching programs include question sessions; of course, I will always answer questions as part of those packages — after all, if you have subscribed to a package, then you are paying me to pay attention to you! The remainder of this section does not apply if you have purchased a coaching package and are submitting questions via that package.) I cannot guarantee if I will respond to any particular question, and if so, how quickly I’ll respond to it. If you submit a question that has already been answered in the public area, then I may assume that you can find the answer, and I won’t answer it again. I use many criteria for selecting questions or comments to respond to, including: my expertise in the area; my level of interest in the area; the level of interest shown by other users; any industry trends I’ve noticed; and the amount of time I have to devote to these questions.


By submitting a question or a comment, via the web site or via direct email, you grant me the unrestricted right to publish or reuse that question. I may choose to publish it in other forms, including (but not limited to) other publications and web sites. I reserve the right edit questions prior to publication. I will not publish your email address (unless you include it in a public comment posting. See below.). I have no intention to collect personal information from anyone under 13 years of age. If you are under 13, you may not enter information on this Web site. Instead, you must have a parent or legal guardian enter information for you or provide express written permission from a parent or guardian before you may use this site. See also my separate Privacy Policy.


All of my answers, suggestions and recommendations, whether directed at you specifically, or found on this web site, are to be used entirely at your own risk. I don’t know your personal situation, and I can’t see your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any specific information that might affect my answer in your situation. In addition, I cannot be held responsible for any of your actions or what you do with my answer.


By posting a comment you grant me the unrestricted right to publish or reuse that comment in any other form, including but not limited to other publications and web sites. I reserve the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. Normally, I remove comments in order to remove “comment spam” or other inappropriate posts, but I retain the right to remove anything at any time for any reason. Note that Comments are publicly visible to all visitors to this website. Consequently, comments are not private; therefore do not post information you consider to be private in nature. I assume no liability for any statements made in any comments, or any offense that might be taken by readers of those comments. I cannot review the accuracy of comments. While I do my best to remove inappropriate comments, I cannot guarantee that I will remove all inappropriate comments, or remove them in a timely manner. In addition, I cannot guarantee that we even agree on what determine “offensive” or “inappropriate.”


All information on this web site, and in email newsletters published by Outsmart Your Technology or me is  Copyright (c)  2010 – 2013 Donald B. Downs. You may view (i.e., download to your computer and view in your browser) all content on this site, but you may not republish any content in any form, electronic or otherwise, without my prior written permission except as noted below. You may quote, with attribution, portions of articles as per “fair use” copyright laws. You may republish the contents of the RSS/Syndication Feed(s) made available on this web site, provided that you retain all hyperlinks within the feed as part of that republication. You may republish articles provided that you include the hyperlink that links back to the full article on this site as part of that republication. You may link to specific articles or the home page of this site from any appropriately related other site.


Other websites may point to this site, and this web site points to other sites and may accept advertising from third-party advertisers. I cannot be held liable for claims or losses arising from any of these third parties.


My recommendations are exactly that — a personal recommendation based on my knowledge and experience. Please refer to my Review Policy for additional information. My recommendations should never be considered as any sort of guarantee. As stated above, all information is to be taken entirely at your own risk; this includes my recommendations. I value your experience: if you have experience, good or bad, with any of the products, services, tips, or tricks I recommend, please let me know. You may use the comment form to submit your comments. Of course, I’m always open to updating my recommendations as I learn new information.


Please see the Review Policy page for more information about reviews, recommendations, and affiliate links.


I may run ads for products I recommend. Such ads will be likely to use my affiliate link. You are under no obligation to use this link or purchase the product or service. Any ads on this web site should not be construed as any sort of guarantee. Once again, please see the Review Policy for more information about my recommendations. As with all advertising, you are ultimately responsible for what you choose to pay attention to or purchase.


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