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Review Policy

I frequently mention specific products or services in training packages, articles, reports, blogs, or other content. The purpose of this page is to clarify my intentions and clarify any relationship or benefits I may receive from those product or services. (For simplicity, in the rest of this article, when I say “product” I mean “product or service.”) Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with valuable information: tips, tricks, tools, techniques, etc. that will help you conquer your technology and be in control of your life. To achieve that goal, I have to fairly and honestly review or evaluate any product before recommending it. When deciding whether to recommend a product, I try to rely solely on the benefits or shortcomings of the product, independent of any type of connection I may have to it. To further clarify:

  • I do not accept payment to review a product or service.
  • I usually purchase the products and services that I review or mention. I may accept a complimentary copy or subscription, and I could possibly request a complementary copy or subscription.
  • Anytime  link to a product or  service , I may use an affiliate link. With these links, I will receive a commission should you make a purchase; however, your price is unchanged whether you use the affiliate link or a direct link.
  • When reviewing a product or service, I try to be fair minded, and make sure that my recommendation is based on the merits of the product or service.  After all,
  • Some of the sites, products, or services I mention or link to may be owned by family members, friends, or business acquaintances.   While this relationship may influence the order in which I evaluate products, it does not affect my final review or decision to mention or recommend it.

Here’s the process I normally follow before reviewing, recommending, linking to, or mentioning products:

  1. I learn about a product and determine that it might be beneficial to my clients and readers.
  2. I obtain a copy by purchasing it, using a trial version, obtaining an evaluation copy, etc.
  3. I evaluate the product. My evaluation usually includes my personal observations, as well as reviews and comments from other sources. Very rarely, I may rely entirely on evaluations from others.
  4. I determine that this product is consistent with my focus, and that there is merit in mentioning this product.
  5. Finally, after determining that a product has value to my clients and readers, I’ll investigate whether a revenue opportunity such a reseller agreement, affiliate program, etc. is available, and if so, determine if it makes sense for me to join the program.

Note that affiliate links are used throughout the site. Any link to a product or service may be an affiliate link. Specifically, As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There may be additional affiliate links, as well, and some advertisements may use an affiliate link.