Monthly Archives: March 2016

My Secret Downsizing Tool

​What holds you back from going full-time? Besides concerns over income, having to downsize is probably the next most frequent answer.

And yeah, I get that. My wife and I were both raised as packrats. Don't need something right now? Put it away somewhere,  because "you might need it someday."

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Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

If you’re considering running a business from your RV, you’ve probably questioned whether you “have what it takes” to be an entrepreneur.

When we think about entrepreneurs, we often think about people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These guys seem to have some special kind of “magic” that makes them successful. But what if you don’t feel like you have that “special sauce?"

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Challenges to Full-time RVing

Full-time RVing is a reality for many, and a dream for many more. But I guess we should admit that maybe it's not always a bed of roses. Thinking it through before you start, though, can certainly help with the transition.

Here is a "Baker's Dozen" list of questions to help you think through and prepare for the transition:

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