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December 9, 2020

Can You Afford to RV Full Time?

Join me today as I discuss a common question: Can I afford to RV Full Time? I'll submit that you can... and even more, you MUST!

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Hi, It's Don from RV Business Coach. Thanks for joining me today.

If you're joining me live, feel free to put questions down in the chat. I'll try to keep an eye on those and respond as we go.

If you're watching a recording, feel free to put questions in the comments as well. Obviously, I can't respond to those in real time, but as I get notifications of them, as I see them, I'll come back and answer them.

So feel free to try to make this a little more interactive and ask questions as we go.

So the big question I want to talk about today is one that I hear a fair amount.

Can you afford to RV full time?

And let me say up front, when I say full time, I'm kind of Loosey Goosey on my definition of what full time is. Maybe you want to be a purist and go 24/7/365:  no Sticks and Bricks home, you're 100% full time.

Maybe you want to have a home base that you come back to for some period of time, some few months a year or something like that.

Or maybe you just really want to RV a lot more and have the flexibility to go out for weeks or months at a time, and your current situation doesn't really support that.

So it really boils back to this question, can you afford to do it?

And I'm actually going to turn that question around for you. I want to ask, “Can you afford not to RV full time?”

Can you afford not to RV full time?

And here's why I ask that:

If you're wanting to do this, you're probably feeling somewhat of a call to to RV full time. You know, it's like you just you really, really want to do it.

Maybe you're unhappy in your current job and you need to get out of that. Maybe you're feeling a lot of pressures from living in the suburbs and you want to escape those. Maybe it you see it as an opportunity to reduce your your debt and live debt free. Maybe you want to raise your kids up in a different environment and show them that there's more than the typical suburban rat race.

Whatever the reason, there's something in you that's saying, "I really want to RV full time!"

It's like it's on your heart. This strong feeling. I really want to get out there, but you're being held back because you don't know...

Can you afford it?

I'm going to say, can you afford not to go?

Because here's why.

Let me start with a story about a guy I knew named Ted. Ted was a member of our church. When I was really starting to get interested in RVing, our pastor introduced us, and she said, "Don, you really need to meet Ted because he and his wife have gone out and RVed full time."

So I went to Ted. I said, "Hey Ted, I understand you've already lived my dream. You've been RVing full time. I'd love to buy you a coffee sometime, sit down, hear your stories, your thoughts."

And Ted said, "I'd be really happy to do that. But let me tell you one thing up front. Go sooner instead of later."

And then Ted went on to tell me about how he and his wife and two other couples who were in their church that were all planning to RV full time. They were all going to retire and go RV full time together. And the first couple was getting close to retirement. I think actually maybe they did retire and then the husband had a heart attack and he died. So, you know, the wife didn't want to go by herself, and they never got to go.

The second couple, I believe the wife had a stroke. And so the husband became her full time caregiver and they never got to go.

So then Ted and his wife said, "You know what? We've got to go!" So they just went anyway.

And Ted told me, he said, "You know, if we had worked a few more years, I'd probably be a little better off financially now, but I wouldn't trade it because we got to go. We got to live the dream. We got to do it."

And as I travel around the country and I exhibit and I speak at RV shows, I hear this story over and over and over. I feel like I could write a book on the number of people who have told me stories of people they knew who wanted to RV full time and never got to go because something happened and they didn't get to go.

So I'm going to submit if you're feeling that call... You know you need to go,

You need to start taking action to make it happen.

But how can you do that?

Well, the number one thing that holds most people back is figuring out how to afford it. How do you get the money?

And fortunately, that's actually a fairly easy problem to solve.

I've developed a free guide, which is yours for the taking. it's called Seven Ways to Fund Your RV Lifestyle.

And in this guide, I outline seven different ways that you can afford to RV full time. So go get into action.vRight? The first step to making your dream come true is to take a first step.

So go download this guide.

It's at

Go download this guide and look over the guide and start planning on how you're going to afford your lifestyle. Because you can make it happen.

And like I said, I'll submit that you need to make it happen sooner instead of later.

All right. Thanks so much.

Talk to you later!

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