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December 8, 2020

How To Replace Your Income and RV Full Time

There are many ways to replace your income and experience more freedom—including the freedom to RV Full Time, if you so desire. Join me as I talk about one of my favorite ways.

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Hi! It's Don from RV Business Coach.

Today, I want to talk about how you can replace your current income and RV full time.

Sound exciting? There's actually several ways you can do this.

I actually have a guide on my website. It's called Seven Ways to Fund Your RV Lifestyle. Feel free to go get it at my website at:


It's a guide that shows seven different ways that you can fund your RV lifestyle.

But today I want to talk about one of those ways. It's the way that is one of my favorite ways because it has the most freedom and the most flexibility and also the greatest income potential.

[And, I forgot to mention in the live video, it’s the way that allows you to make the most impact in the world.]

And that way is to own your own business.

Now, you may be thinking, “Is this really a good time to own your own business?” I mean, we're in the midst of a crisis, we're in the midst of this pandemic. And is that really a wise time to be running a business?

And I'll submit to you that it actually is, because with that crisis comes opportunity. Now, the key, obviously, is to find areas where there is going to be business growth, and there are lots of those.

So let's take a look at the 3 Keys, to starting a successful business:

Key #1 is to solve a problem.

And I'll go a step further: solve a problem you already know how to solve because there's much less learning curve there.

So how do we do this? Well, look around. As I said, we're kind of in a place of crisis. There's a pandemic. There's a lots of problems out there. Look around and find those problems,

talk to colleagues, talk to friends, talk to co-workers, find people and ask them what kinds of problems tjey are experiencing, and think about which of those problems can you solve.

So that's big: Find a problem you can solve.

Key number two is to Go Small, to Go Big.

Now, that's totally counterintuitive, and yet it actually makes a lot of sense.

You need to go small in order to go big.

As entrepreneurs, a lot of times we start a business and we think we want to serve everyone. And we may grow to the point where we can. But starting out, it's just too much to tackle.

And I believe it's Marie Foleo who says, "When you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one."

So you really need to narrow your focus.

The more narrow you make it, the clearer it is who you serve and the more you're going to attract them to you.

Now, there's really three reasons why we want to go narrow like this.

Reason number one is when you go narrow, then you know where your clients are.

You don't have to spend all of your marketing energy trying to contact the whole world because you know where your peeps are hiding out, where your potential clients are hanging out.

For example, in my business, I work with people who want to RV. Well, where do people who want to hang out? Campgrounds, RV shows, RV dealers, RV groups, RV, Facebook groups, RV forums, lots of places like that.

So I know exactly where to go to meet people who I am focused on.

The second reason you want to go narrow is you know how to communicate with these people.

You know what magazines they read, you know what shows they watch, you know what forums they hang out in. So it's very easy to connect with them,. And you know the languaging that they use.

You know, targeting RVers,, I know that within ten minutes of conversation we're going to be talking about black tanks and gray tanks, and I’ve got my black tank story ready to tell if you want to hear it.

So, you know how to communicate with your potential clients.

the third reason you want to go narrow is so you can specialize.

Remember back in the old days when we used to go to those networking events, there's a big room of people and you're trying to balance a plate of food and a drink and exchange business cards with people.

And there's always that guy who when you ask, “So what do you do?” repliles, “Oh, well, you know, I design websites—as he hands you 3 business cards. I design websites. I help authors get published and I restore headlights.

And you're like... Really?

I mean, would you hire this guy to do any of those jobs because he's so splattered, so unspecialized. You really want to work with someone who specializes. 

I'm a Book Yourself Solid Certified® Coach, and I was once at a Book Yourself Solid conference with Michael Port, and Michael said

"People like to work with people who work with people like them."

And I love that because when you break it down, it makes a lot of sense:

People like to work with people  

who work with people like them.

People like specialization.

So by going narrow, by going small to go big, you can specialize, and it makes it so much easier to attract your clients to you.

And then the third key to success in starting a business is KISS  marketing.

And yes, KISS is Keep It Simple.

When we think about marketing, it's really easy to think grandiose marketing:

Super Bowl ads, billboards, glossy print brochures, social media campaigns, fancy websites, sales funnels with up sells and order bumps and one time offers and down sells...

And all of that stuff is great. And all of that stuff has a place, but you don't need it at first. You need to add that stuff at the right time.

To begin with, all you need to do—remember, you solve a problem and you've gone narrow—so all you need to do is to connect with your narrow audience and offer to solve their problem.

How do you do that? You can use a telephone. You can use email. That's all you need.

Just connect. Connect, understand their problem, and offer to solve that problem.

That's all the marketing you have to do it first. And that will get you your first clients and get your company going.

All right. I hope you found this helpful. I hope this sparks some curiosity in your mind.

I hope you're starting to think, “What problems could I solve?” I hope you're looking for the opportunities that are out there for you.

And if so, I would like to make you a special offer.

Go to ChatWithDon.Com and sign up for a time. We'll have a 30 minute free session, no obligation, but we'll have the opportunity for you to bounce some of those ideas off of me. Having a sounding board helps a lot so you can bounce ideas off of me.

I can go into more details on any of these keys. If you want more details about how they work, we can do that.

And if we decide that your business ideas are viable and it would make sense to work together, we can set up a time where we can go into that in more detail.

So again, that's ChatWithDon.Com: book a free session and start making progress towards getting your business off the ground and making it profitable.

I hope to talk to you soon. Take care.


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