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December 10, 2020

3 Minutes to Change Your Life (and the World)?

Today I was out for a walk, and I started thinking about the video I made the other day about how to afford to RV Full Time. And I realized that I left out a piece. And not just a piece... probably the most important piece. The more I thought about it, the more bothered I became that I didn't talk about it. So I pulled out my phone and talked about it right then and there. Enjoy!

This video was filmed live and uploaded to Facebook and YouTube on December 10, 2020.


Hey, there it's Don from RV Business Coach.

I was out for my walk today and I got to thinking about the video I shot the other day about how to leave your job and RV full time, how to afford RV full time. I talked about the one of my favorite ways is creating your own business, and I mentioned a couple of the reasons for that.

But I've been kicking myself because I left out the most important reason. Probably the biggest reason to own your own business is because it's the easiest way to make a big impact.

And I think just as I forgot to mention impact in that video, I think as a society, we're kind of getting wrapped up in ourselves too much and forgetting about the importance of impact. I mean, everything you see on the news, on social media, on advertising, whatever, it's all about, me, me, me, you know, MMI: Me, Myself and I.

It's all about How do I get ahead? How do I have the most expensive car? How do I have the most expensive residence, whatever.

And I really don't think that leads to happiness. I think that actually leads to just more frustration.

I firmly believe that life is lived its best when it's lived outside of ourselves. And by that I mean when we're doing stuff to serve others and to be of service to others.

And, you know, that goes back really, I think to my Christian upbringing. If you read the gospels, Jesus was a man of service. He fed the poor. He healed the sick. He was always serving others. And He pretty much smacked down everybody that was trying to get ahead.

And I'm not alone in that thinking. Consider Maslow's Pyramid of Needs: You know, we're all pretty familiar with the lower ones about food and shelter. But as you go up, I think it's around level six is the need to leave a legacy.

And Stephen Covey talked about it: to live, to love and to leave a legacy. And that leaving a legacy really is…  A piece of that is his impact.

How do we impact others and what's the good that we're bringing to others?

And I think it's really easy to do that when you own your own business because you can craft a business that's around serving others. As I so often talk about, you want to solve a problem and relieve other people's pain. And that's a great way to have an impact.

But I would encourage you today, whatever you're doing, whether you're retired or living off savings; maybe you're WorKamping or doing remote work, or owning your own business or, whatever. Just think about that impact piece.

How can you make an impact?

How can you make the world a better place?

How can you be of service to others?

All right, so that's my message today. I'd love to know your thoughts. Do you agree with me or disagree?.

Leave me comments and let me know. Thanks.

Take care.

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