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July 14, 2014

Do You Have “Bicycle Syndrome?”

Have you ever heard of “Bicycle Syndrome?” Probably not, since I just made up the term. But it’s a symptom I see in a lot of businesses — with both entrepreneurs and in corporate environments.

I coined the term based on an observation from a coworker in a corporate job many years ago. We were working on a project, and our systems were getting in the way. We could all see ways to fix the systems, but fixing them would require stopping what we were doing and working on the system. We were on a tight schedule, so no one wanted to redirect our energies, even though we could see that fixing the system would save us a lot of time.

One day, as we were developing yet another workaround instead of actually addressing the problem, my coworker observed, “It seems that we just keep pushing the bicycle faster and faster, but we never have time to stop, get on, and ride.

Isn’t that a great analogy? Yes, you can keep pushing the bicycle faster. But eventually, there is a limit to how fast you can push. But riding means you actually have to stop first. Who has time for that? You could still be pushing down the road if you didn’t stop. Once you take the time to start riding, though, you’ll soon be moving faster than you could push, and in no time, you’ll be much further down the road.

How about you? Are there areas in your business where you keep pushing the bicycle faster and faster?

I see this a lot — especially around technology-based tools. If you find yourself avoiding using your technology, or you have a feeling that maybe you’re only taking advantage of a fraction of the capabilities, check out my Control the Chaos and  Technology Tuneup programs.  Stop “pushing your bike”; stop, get on, and ride! 

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