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July 11, 2014

Bless and Release

This morning at a local coffee/networking group, one of the women shared a story she’d heard at another event, where the attendees were encouraged to “Bless and Release.” When I heard that phrase, I knew it was powerful. But I didn’t know I’d get to put it into practice so soon.

I debated whether to post this story. I wanted to share my experience with “Bless and Release,” but I didn’t want to engage in a “tale of woe.” I finally decided that the story needed a little background information. So here goes…

Last month, we made the decision to switch our Internet service away from the local cable company. So my wife called, spent an hour on the phone, and finally got them to cancel the service. Or so we thought…

When I got today’s mail, I was surprised to see a bill from the cable company. Thinking there must be some mistake, I called the customer service number. I spent 2 hours on the phone as they bounced me between several agents, with some saying it showed as canceled and others saying it was still active. One agent even said I couldn’t cancel because I owed for next month’s service. (Huh? How can I owe for service that won’t be delivered until after I cancel it?) Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “This is why we decided to cancel!”) I finally spoke to an agent who said she had canceled it and gave me instructions to return the modem.

As soon as I got off the phone, I grabbed the modem and went to the local office to return it… where I encountered a half hour wait. (Note to clients: If there is a line of people wanting to cancel their service with you, you might want to take some corrective action!)

As you might guess, when I was finally done, I was quite irritated that it took over 2 1/2 hours to cancel my service.

When I got home, I was really tempted to create an Invoice, billing them for 2 1/2 hours of my time. But then I remembered: “Bless and Release.” Instead of spending more negative energy creating an Invoice, I realized I just need to Bless and Release.

Bless and Release. I have to admit, it feels good.

How about you? Are there areas in your life that are dragging you down? Would you be better off if you decided to Bless and Release?

Please share your Bless and Release story in the comments below.

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