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November 6, 2013

My First Tweet

As I outlined in my first two posts, I’ve realized “It’s time!” to start a new phase of my business.

So I signed up for a Twitter account, linked it to my web site, posted it in my Facebook groups… and sat around trying to think of something profound to say in my first Tweet.

I mean, I’ve never done this before. Who knows who might read it? What will they think of me? And why do I care?

After much contemplation, I finally decided to fall back on my engineering and computer science background. Ever since Kernighan and Ritchie wrote C Programming Language (and maybe before, but that’s the first I remember seeing it), the quintessential first program when learning a programming language is a program that prints, “Hello world!”

Somehow, that just seemed fitting.

If you missed that one, don’t worry — I’m sure I’ll be tweeting more in the future. And hopefully, more substantial stuff. Maybe even something earth shattering or profound every now and then.

Are you already on Twitter? If so, feel free to follow me and help me learn! If not, maybe “It’s time!” to start. C’mon, we can learn together!

Feel free to share your Twitter experiences with me below. Unless you’d rather tweet them to me.

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