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September 3, 2013

It’s Time!

One of my favorite lines from a song comes from Roy Clark’s rendition of Dueling Banjos on his Live at Billy Bob’s Texas CD. The track starts with a moment of silence; then Roy’s voice booms out, saying, “It’s time!”

I hear this line over and over as I struggle with doing new things. (OK, I’ll admit, I’m taking this sentence slightly out of context from the song.) But this line just resonates with me. When I’m stuck, trying to avoid doing something that deep down I know I should be doing, I hear Roy’s voice in my head saying, “It’s time!”

I put off blogging, tweeting, and posting to my business Facebook page as long as I dared. But more and more now, I hear Roy’s voice telling me, “It’s time!”

Is it time for you to take on a new task? If so, what? Let me know by posting below.

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