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November 7, 2014

How to Use the Timer on Your iPhone/iPad

I find the timers to be incredibly useful. For example:

  • I use the timer to help the kids transition to a new event. (“We have to leave in 2 minutes.”)  I then start the timer, and they know that when it expires, it’s time to go. This technique is especially effective when I use Siri to start the timer, because then they know that I set the timer for the length of time I said I would.
  • I also use the timer when grilling to notify me that it’s time to turn, flip, or check on the food. Again, using Siri to start the timer allows me to run a timer without touching the phone.

Perhaps the best use of the timer is as a productivity tool. Using a timer can be very helpful for working in short bursts of high productivity.

This video shows how to set the timer manually and with Siri on iOS 7 and later:

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