Return to Normal
May 5, 2020

Pretty much everyone I talk to—whether they're signing petitions and attending protests, or arguing that we should remain in lockdown until a vaccine is available (which could be well into next year)—is getting tired of being in quarantine and looking forward to when we return to normal.

But will we ever return to normal? I don't think so. In this video I explain why.” width=”1280″ height=”720″ class=”swarm-fluid” muted=”” autoplay=””>

Will we ever return to normal?

And do we even want to? Was normal serving us well? 

In this video, I postulate that we'll never return to "normal"—and that that's a good thing. Instead of "normal" we'll enter into a "new normal." And if we embrace it and prepare for it, we can shape it and make it even better than our old normal.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to embrace the new normal?

What if you could take the skills, knowledge, and passion you already have, and use them to create a business? 

What if that business was destined to be successful because it meets the needs of your clients and solves their problems? And what if it not only served your clients now, but also served them in the "new normal?"

There is no better time than right now—yes, even in the midst of crisis—to do exactly that.

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