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You hear the call of the open road. You want to go full-time RVing… someday. Because you have to wait until you retire, or after you save up more money, right?

NO! You don’t have to wait! You can use the skills you already have to create and run a successful business that generates all the income you need to live the RV lifestyle… even if you don't view yourself as an entrepreneur!

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It seemed simple enough: just make some hot dogs and hamburgers. But it didn't go as planned.In this video I'll describe what happened, how we reacted, and what it means for you. [...]

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The ONE THING You Can Do to be Healthier and More Successful

What if you could do one thing… just one thing that would make you feel better, both mentally and physically, improve your health, and make you more productive? In today's video I talk about one such thing. I give some tips on how to do it, and get brutally honest about my attempts to follow my own advice. [...]

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Three Strikes and You’re Out? Or Third Time is Charm?

Overcoming Perfectionism My first two live videos this year were a mess. But that's no reason to give up. In fact, it's a great reason to talk about overcoming perfection. This video was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on February 11, 2020. Transcript So, three strikes and you're out?  Or third time is charm? Which is it going to be?  Hi, [...]

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The Fastest Way to Start Hating Your Business

When we first start out as entrepreneurs, we have a vision of working with our passion, doing work we love, and making a difference. But make this one mistake, and that dream will soon turn into a nightmare.This video was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube on December 16, 2020.TranscriptThe fastest way to start hating your business!You know, when we start out as entrepreneur [...]

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