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What is Book Yourself Solid®?

Simply put, it's:

​"The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting MORE Clients Than You Can Handle EVEN IF YOU HATE MARKETING AND SELLING"

based on the Best Selling book by Michael Port

Does it Work?

In a word: "YES!":

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93% of small business owners who use the system see a 40% increase in their revenues in the first year.

How Does it Work?

The Book Yourself Solid System follows buyer behavior:

When a potential client first hears about your products or services, the first thing they do is check out your foundation. They want to know if you help people like them.

If they like what they see, they will give you permission to build trust and credibility.

And as you build trust and credibility, they will raise their hand and ask to have a sales conversation.

Now, if you have a solid foundation, have built trust and credibility, have priced your products in the sweet spot for the value you bring and the trust you've built, and you know how to have a Simple Sales Conversation, then you will book the business... again, and again, and again!

The system consists of 4 Modules that follow the buyer behavior described above:

Module 1: Your Foundation

Who do you help? What BIG problem do you solve? And WHY?

1. Your Red Velvet Rope Policy
Attract and work with only your Ideal Clients: Clients who Energize You, Excite You, and Bring Out Your Best Work.

2. Why People Buy What You're Selling
Identify your Target Market; Understand your clients' Urgent Needs and Compelling Desires; Determine the #1 Result you provide; and Demonstrate the Benefits you give.

3. Your Personal Brand Identity
Distinguish yourself from everyone else and attract the clients you are meant to serve. "There's really no such thing as competition. There's only other people who do the same thing you do with a different Brand Identity."

4. How to Talk About What You Do...
... without sounding Bland, Boring, Confusing, or like Everyone Else.
(and without having to deliver a Boring Elevator Pitch ever again!)

Module 2: Building Trust and Credibility

"Clients buy in proportion to the amount of trust and credibility you have created with them."

1. Credibility & Likability
Enhance your professionalism with the Standard Credibility Builders; Uphold 6 Standards of Service to maintain your credibility; become a Category Authority and decide what you want to be known for; and understand how your Likability influences the process of decision making with your potential clients.

2. The Book Yourself Solid Sales Cycle
Lead people into your Sales Cycle by first Building Trust; Apply the 6 Keys to Creating Connection; and design your own Trust-building Sales Cycle. 

3. The Book Yourself Solid Keep In Touch Strategy
Use automated systems to Keep In Touch with potential clients, providing interesting and valuable content that builds Trust and Credibility and positions you as an Expert in Your Field.

4. The Book Yourself Solid Information Products Strategy
Define, Create, and Launch Information Products that serve your Target Market.

Module 3: Perfect Pricing and Simple Selling

"When you provide value, Sales is a Service"

1. Perfect Pricing
Determine the value of the benefits you offer; choose from 12 different pricing models, and match your objective to the appropriate model.

2. Super Simple Selling
Let go of Limiting Beliefs and say it with confidence; follow the Book Yourself Solid Sales Paradigm; use the simple, 4-Part Formula in your Sales Conversations; and ditch the "pitch of the day" and don't be a Sleazy Salesperson.

Module 4: The 6 Core Self-promotion Strategies

(This is just a fancy way of saying "Marketing")

We teach this section last. Why?
Because marketing without having a solid foundation won't help you book clients.

3 Required Strategies

1. Networking Strategy
Build relationships with people you already know

2. Direct Outreach Strategy
Build relationships with people don't know, but would like to know

3. Referral Strategy
Create a "snowball effect" with powerful testimonials and referrals

3 Optional Strategies

4. Speaking Strategy
Share your knowledge in front of groups of people

5. Writing Strategy
Promote your services while serving and educating your Target Market

6. Web Strategy
Use Advanced Web and Social Media strategies to attract visitors and convert them to clients

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Download the First Chapter of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. 

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Want to Learn More?

Download the First Chapter of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. 

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