How to Work from Home (or RV)

Earn Income from the comfort of your Home or RV

If the Coronavirus taught us anything about work,
it's that many jobs we once thought could only be done in an office can be done remotely (and even better than if you're in the office).  

But it's also taught us that:

  • Working from home isn't as simple as just powering up your computer. You’ve probably discovered that you are unable to do focused, sustained work remotely. You’ve found you’re your remote workspace is uncomfortable. Distractions are everywhere, from the other adults to those little people and pets around you..
  • Maybe you found out the job you once thought was secure turned out to not be so secure after all. Maybe your job doesn’t even exist anymore.

While you may have dreamed about working from home, when you had the opportunity, you found out it was really a nightmare. A nightmare you don’t know how to wake up from.

Perhaps Parks Canada,  a Canadian Federal Agency, put it best:

You are not "working from home", you are "at your home, during a crisis, trying to work".
- Parks Canada

And while that sentiment is true, it's not sustainable. Now that we’re past the initial quarantines and lock downs, businesses are looking at how to reopen safely. Many businesses are deciding that having employees work from home is going to be the “new normal.”

As you prepare to work from home in the long-term (either in your current job or a new one – more about this below) you realize you’ve got to find a way out of the nightmare. You’ve got to move out of "crisis" mode and into "productive work from home" dream-mode.

You must move out of "crisis" mode and into "Productive work from Home Mode"

While some people are grateful for the opportunity to continue to work from home, others aren't as happy. Which one are you?

Working from home isn't always what it's cracked up to be. You've found that:

  • Many "Work from Home" jobs are scams
  • Home is filled with distractions. Who can work when there’s dishes to wash or laundry to be done?
  • You love your family but they aren’t the best at helping you figure out how to fix that problem you’ve been pulling your hair out about for the last six months.
  • Your pets are normally a comfort, but when did they start demanding your time so much? You find you want to file an HR complaint about all the distractions they create. I mean really, why does the cat insist on lounging on your keyboard and the dog constantly want to play fetch?
  • Just when you start to jump on your next video meeting, your internet comes to a grinding halt because someone, who shall remain nameless, has decided to start streaming the latest cute cat videos.
  • Your neck and back are in constant knots because you’re working from the kiddy table (or kitchen table) instead of a properly fitted desk.
  • Because work is literally at home, you’ve lost all sense of time and sometimes end up working for hours on end in your bathrobe.

But wait! If working from your home or RV is that bad, why does anyone do it? The truth is that if this is something you want to do you can figure out how to make it work for you (instead of the other way around).

Working From Your Home Or RV Can Be Your Dream Lifestyle:

  • Decide when you do what you do!
  • Set up your workspace to be comfortable and productive!
  • Spend less on all those "work-related" things like commuting and lunches out
  • Dress comfortably (including bunny slippers if you want).
  • Be more focused and productive.
  • Have more time for your family and other things outside of work that are important to you.

Whether you want to continue working remotely AND want to be more productive and effective, or you want to find new ways to earn income while working remotely, this course is for you.

What you'll learn:

  • How to support your lifestyle while working remotely
  • Where all those real, not scam, work remote job opportunities are hiding (often in plain sight)
  • If you have a job you want to keep, how to have “the talk” with your boss and convince him or her that working remotely is actually more effective for the company (and them)
  • How to set up to make work/life balance a reality
  • How to manage distractions so you can get more done (even more than if you’re in the office)
  • How to set up your remote office so that you’re not only comfortable but also productive and efficient

What You'll Get

  • The Complete Work from Home or RV Training Course, including
    • Introduction/Why Work from Home
    • WFH Basics
    • Transitioning to WFH
    • Financial Considerations
    • WFH Options
  • BONUS: How to talk to your company about WFH
    • Explaining benefits
    • Overcoming objections
    • Setting up WFH Policies
  • BONUS: WFH Company checklist
    • Use this checklist to find legitimate WFH Job opportunities
  • BONUS: WFH Income Ideas
    • Use this checklist to discover ways YOU can make money online... while working from your  Home or RV
  • BONUS: WFH Scam Checklist
    • Use this checklist to avoid potential Work from Home scams
    • 45-minute one-on-one coaching call to create a personalized WFH/WFRV plan

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