Watch the Video to Discover How to Bust Through the Myths that are holding you back.

What you’ll discover in this video:

You may be thinking you can't do this.
But you can! We'll bust through the myths that are trying to hold you back.


How to find a "big problem" to solve

Find a Big Problem (a.k.a. "6 Figure Problem" can sound daunting. But if you reframe it, it's very doable. Just solve a 


How to find your "proprietary process"

The term "proprietary process" can also sound pretty daunting. But you probably already have one and just need to identify it!


how to overcome objections to selling

Unless you're sales person, you probably dread having to ask someone to buy something from you. But one simple mindset shift makes that objection go away!


and more!

Watch the video to identify and learn how to overcome more myths that are likely holding you back.

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